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        After-sale Service Marketing Network Download Area Common Problem
        After-sale Service YOU ARE HERE - CUSTOMER SERVICE - After-sale Service

        BSJOEE under the concept of service commitment of globalization, has been the pursuit to provide customers with satisfactory service, professional service team by regular training and examination, technical comprehensive personnel composition and perfect after-sales service system. Perhaps you are a professional designer, perhaps you are the engineering department in charge of procurement, perhaps you or just contact to BoShiJie purchasing new, regardless of whether or not you have to understand BoShiJie brands and products, for your questions, we here listed BSJOEE service safeguard common question and look forward to serve you.

        Service concept
        Take the customer as the center, the urgent customer's urgent, the worry customer's worry.
        Product, service integration, sales of products is sales and service.
        Where is the customer, our service to where.

        Customer service awareness
        1.Service purpose: Provide high quality service, bring sales to maximize.
        Pre-sales service: product consulting, product promotion, bathroom design, guidance and other hydropower capacity.
        Sale of services: delivery, product installation, product testing, maintenance instructions, etc..
        After sales service: product maintenance, information collection feedback, customer satisfaction, etc..

        2.The importance of service:
        To ensure the final completion of product sales;
        Feedback product and service information, promote product improvement and innovation;
        Enhance communication with customers, strive for customer's trust and security;
        Establish a good reputation, promote the two sales and customer relations;
        The inevitable requirement of the sustainable development of enterprises.

        3.Quality service: Reliable products, comfortable environment, professional image, standard etiquette, warm and thoughtful, fast response, details of attention.

        Specialized service requirements
        Standard service grooming: eyes, language, gestures, movements, hair, smile service, etc.;
        Good morals: honest, trustworthy, dedicated, Thanksgiving, dedication;
        Professional technical ability: professional electrical and electronic technology, product maintenance knowledge, product maintenance knowledge, professional training ability;
        Professional information statistics and analysis capabilities: customer information, product maintenance records, customer consultation records, customer complaints records, major accident records.

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