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        Company Profile Enterprise Idea Organization Structure
        Enterprise Idea YOU ARE HERE - About Boshje - Enterprise Idea
        Values culture idea
        Integrity: honesty, integrity, loyalty, and trustworthy
        Profession: with professional products and professional service to give back to the customer
        Collaboration: always look at problems with fast one step
        Dedication: always pursue to do the best
        Learning: learning anytime and anywhere, a little bit of progress every day, to keep pace with The Times
        Service concept: beyond expectations, the truth for a long time
        Competition concept: respect the opponent, beyond the competitors
        Development philosophy: focus on specialization, remains robust
        The pursuit to Continuously explore
        boshje through every step of the way, can be said to be calm and steady. Is also a process of constant pursuit and exploration. In the face of national enterprises how to enter the international market, also do not like to point out that the die to solve strategic problem than to solve the problem of tactical importance. China has a old saying called "coach unknown soldiers suffering". Solve the problem of strategic need is a state, is the eye, is the assurance of pair of trend.
        Variable speed tangible intangible culture
        Enterprise is easier than do strong, biggest Qianshang big but more stronger to do. In the fierce market competition, what do big, do strong Qianshang company? By executive order management, dead tired people; Tube by culture, grasp the soul. Culture of Qianshang and basically is to seize the soul, establish the core values, and make the employee's individual value unification on the basis of the group values of the company. An enterprise, is a person, in the process of its complete shape of his own "personality". And in the continued development release a unique spirit.
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